These Tips Can Help You Create the Perfect Minimalist Men's Wardrobe

by Jacob Kearnes on June 04, 2021

As the minimalist lifestyle grows in popularity for men, a minimalist or "capsule" wardrobe means different things to different people. However, a perfect minimalist men's wardrobe is more about having the right clothes than a ton of options.

If you choose the minimalist lifestyle, you need to take some factors into consideration. You need to know your body type and find quality clothing to suit your wardrobe. In the article below, we'll look at everything you need to know to create the perfect minimalist men's wardrobe.

What is a capsule wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe has one mantra: less is more. It is a tightly edited collection of clothes that focuses on having an outfit for every occasion rather than a huge pile of clothes that fit practically nowhere. This kind of wardrobe gives you the most value for the least amount of money.

A minimalist capsule wardrobe ensures that you always have an appropriate outfit for every event.

A pair of brown work boots, a brown belt, folded pants and white shirt, and a watch arranged neatly on a white surface.

Factors to consider when optimising your wardrobe

Let's say that you know that your wardrobe is just a messy pile of clothes and you need to scale it down to something more functional. You need to look at the following factors as you edit your wardrobe.


Consider what you do every day. Your work and downtime are a great place to start. Keep in mind what you do over the weekends and vacation time. This will help you determine how formal or casual - or with what kind of mix - you need to go.


How much money do you intend to set aside for your wardrobe? Having a definite figure will help you know what you can buy and the quality of each piece you'll choose. It will also give you an idea of which area you can spend on and which one you should take the affordable route.


Simple things, like the climate of your environment, are crucial to consider when updating a minimalist men's wardrobe. It would be a huge waste of time and money to buy clothes that are unsuitable for your environment.

Hallmarks of a minimalist men's wardrobe


A capsule wardrobe has minimal pieces of good-quality clothing. This means that the clothes you do buy need to be built to last as long as possible. It would be very frustrating to keep on replacing poor-quality clothes all the time.


The clothes in a capsule wardrobe can work for any occasion. They are concise, which means that every piece has at least one specific function. Every new purchase in your wardrobe should work with the rest of your outfits.


Neutral colours are a major pointer to a capsule wardrobe. When buying clothes, pick a palette and stick to it. It will be best if you rely on a backbone of neutral colours - navy, black, grey, brown, and drab – which all go together.


The clothes you buy will only be as valuable as how you wear them. A capsule wardrobe has clothes that you can wear, depending on your profession and hobbies. It will be impractical to buy a bunch of dress shirts if you work as a professional trainer. Think instead in pieces that transition from week to weekend and that work for downtime as well as nights out.


A good capsule wardrobe should be sustainable. This means that the pieces you buy should not just work for you, but that you should be able to wear them over and over. Your wardrobe should suit your lifestyle for a long time. Stay away from seasonal pieces that will go out of fashion soon.

Vital contents of a capsule wardrobe


These consist of coats and jackets.

  • Overcoat: This is a classic, versatile piece that works for winter and formal dinners. Wool is the most appropriate fabric for overcoats and it should be of high quality that will last for generations.
  • Down Jacket: This is an insulating jacket that works best for the cold seasons. It is light, practical, and warm. It is also versatile if chosen in a neutral colour.
  • Raincoat: This is a seasonal piece of clothing that works for the rainy or snowy seasons.
  • Transitional jacket: This piece works for those in-between seasons where it's not too cold nor too warm. It can be a denim jacket, an overshirt, or a bomber.

Man wearing a dark coloured suit and tie wearing an Archer Benson watch on his left wrist


Underwear and socks

It goes without saying that high-quality socks and underwear are key. Whether you go boxers or briefs, avoid cheap items. Replace them as soon as they become discoloured, saggy, full of holes, or the elastic becomes loose.

Casual wear

  • T-shirts: A solid assortment of high-quality, plain-coloured t-shirts will come in handy for any casual occasion.
  • Slim-fit jeans: A good pair of slim-fit denim pants is always useful. For maximum versatility, you will need to choose dark shades that work with everything and will last. They'll be dressy enough to work as smart, casual outfits, but relaxed enough to go with your t-shirts.
  • Polo Shirts: This works as a smart-casual outfit and every man needs one for the weekends.
  • Oxford shirts: In this case, the fit is more important than the shade. A good oxford shirt is almost as important as a t-shirt in your wardrobe.
  • Brenton top: This is an eye-catching top with nautical lines and long sleeves. You can wear it on its own with shorts and canvas sneakers in the summer or layer beneath an unstructured sports coat on colder days.

Formal wear

  • Dress shirts: These lay the foundation of all your formal outfits.
  • Navy suit: Every man needs a navy suit in their wardrobe. It never goes out of style and works for every formal occasion.
  • Unstructured blazer: Some occasions don't need a full suit, yet casual wear wouldn't really cut it. An unstructured blazer works for such occasions.
  • Wool pants: To help you mix and match suit combinations, a good pair of pants is a must. Wool trousers work for an evening out and for cold winter days.


You will need to have a good set of shoes to go with every outfit. These include running shoes, canvas sneakers, sandals, leather sneakers and work boots. Black oxford shoes and brown derby shoes will work for your formal outfits, while you'll need work boots for smart, casual outfits.


These include swim trunks, sweatpants, running tops, hoodies, and gym shorts. These are the sort of clothes that will work for an active day in the gym or country club.


  • Watches — you can never go wrong with a high-quality watch. This works for both formal and smart-casual attire.
  • Ties — a good set of neutral coloured ties are essential in every minimalist men's wardrobe.
  • Collar chains — a chain is a lovely piece of jewellery that matches every smart-casual outfit in your wardrobe.
  • Cufflinks — some nice cufflinks will pair nicely with your navy suit.

Close up of a rose gold watch with a charcoal coloured face and brown leather strap

If you are a guy that needs a functional, concise wardrobe, then a minimalist men's wardrobe will work for you.

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Sustainable and fashionable 🙌🏽 Slowly building my wardrobe.